I lived all over the place

Starting off with my first three school years in 

Tanzania, Africa. These were followed by a  long stretch of time in Germany, including university in Berlin. Work related my family and I  then moved to Washington DC/USA for three years,  followed by 17 years in London, UK.

From 2006 onward I was a student at the Ceramic department of the Richmond Art School in Richmond upon Thames/ London. Our mentor was Emma Johnson.

In London  I started off with throwing pots on the wheel but more and more liked the very thinness of porcelain and started making my own molds for slip casting, creating bowls, vases, cups , lamps and more.

I also love hand building chunky pots, having been influenced by my childhood in Africa, I guess.

Clay is such a versatile material with so many possibilities and I love to learn new skills by having taken and continuously will be taking classes  with ceramicists I admire.

2012 I won 1st prize of St. Helena Foundation in Richmond upon Thames for my porcelain work and spent this prize money toward my first very own kiln .

2016 we moved back to Berlin, where ever since I work at the  wonderful  studio of ceramicist Maria Ortiz Gill, in creative Berlin Schöneberg.


Bautzener Strasse 8

Berlin- Schöneberg

U-S-Bahn Yorkstrasse

E: tenbergspang@gmail.com




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